Buyers Beware

Buyers Beware

When you call a waterproofing company guess what they want to sell you? That’s right! A waterproofing system! The question is…. Do you really need one?

Most people I meet do NOT want to make the unnecessary investment. Waterproofing companies are geared to sell you waterproofing whether you need it or not!

Ask Tammy from Westerville.

When I met Tammy she was in contract with another company to install a full perimeter waterproofing system for OVER $12,000.00

She had water coming into her basement and all signs pointed to a perimeter system. Through our inspection process however, we were able to identify and show Tammy she had nothing but a minor problem. We were able to correct her problem for $250.00 and luckily she was able to cancel her original contract.

I met another young couple of 83 and 80 years young in a similar situation. When I met them they were in contract for OVER $14,000.00 to have a full perimeter WATERPROOFING SYSTEM installed. THEY HAD A BOWED WALL.

When asked why they were in contract to have waterproofing installed for a bowed wall, they didn’t know why. I assisted them in canceling their original contract. It wasn’t easy. They did receive a full refund and we installed structural supports on the wall for less than half of the original contracted amount.


Pretty much all of our competitors hire individuals, provide them with 2 weeks training, and then send them into your home to provide you a diagnosis. Hope they’re right!

BEWARE OF THE 3 HOUR PRESENTATION. The 3 largest waterproofing companies in central Ohio train their representatives to be in your home for 2.5 to 3 hours.

They don’t want you to get other estimates. I wonder why!

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